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Founded in 2003, Arts Nomades is a world music and dance  research and promotion venture,
located on the French coast of the Leman Lake.

After extensive field and academic research, Arts Nomades intends to promote artistic expressions which reflect the creative imagination of world cultures, and to present  them to a large audience through music and dance live programmes, workshops, lectures…

Since its creation and particularly in the last years, Arts Nomades has worked in collaboration with

- universities, academies and research centres: Institute of Sindhology, Sindh University, Jamshoro/Hyderabad, Pakistan, Music and World Religions & Culture Departments, Dhaka University, Chhayanaut Music Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh-, Nepal Music Center -Kathmandu, Nepal...;

- public institutions: Pakistan National Council for the Arts and Lok Virsa, National Folk Inheritage Institute – Islamabad/Pakistan, Bangla Academy – Dhaka/Bangladesh, Royal Academy of Performing Arts - Thimpu/Bhutan; Office National de Culture et d’Information ONCI, Algeria...;

-  international venues: Théâtre de la Ville - Paris, Tropenteater - Amsterdam, Rasa – Utrecht, Netherlands, Théâtre de l’Alhambra – Geneva/Switzerland, Teatro Municipal – San Sebastian and Auditori de Galicia, St James Compostel/Spain…;

-  international music festivals: Musiqat and Medina Festivals, Tunisia; Mawazine Festival, Morocco; Konya Mystic Music Festival, Turkey; Nuits du Ramadan, Algiers, Batna, Constantine, Algeria; Les Suds à Arles, Île-de-France Festival; Sacrées Journées Festival, Strasbourg, France,…;

- independent cultural organisations: Institute for Preservation of Arts and Culture and Kuch Khaas, Islamabad, Asia Study Group and Harsukh Cultural Centre, Lahore, Pakistan; Uttar Kadambari Hindu monastery, Majuli, Assam, India; Ateliers d’Ethnomusicologie de Genève - Geneva/Switzerland, Alliances Françaises, French cultural centres networks, in Lahore, Islamabad, karachi (Pakistan) and Dhaka (Bangladesh) ; Centre Mandapa, Paris...

- and a number of striking artists, musicians, singers and dancers, such as: Ud . Jamal Uddin Faqir (Soung Sufi singing - Sindh, Pakistan), Mai Dhai (Voice and Rhythms at the Roots of the Gyspy Soul - Sindh, Pakistan), Ud. Wasifuddin Dagar (Dhrupad classical singing, Northern India), the Azarak duet ('Azarakian' singing, Esraj and Didjeridoo, West-Bengal, India), the Majuli Monks ('Sattrya' dance and chants, Assam, India), Farida Parveen (Lalon Faqir singing, Bangladesh), Sur Sudha (Nepalese Music), Meshk Ensemble (Mevlevi Sufi music and Whirling Dervishes - Turkey) and Luzmila Carpio (Odes to Pachamama, Bolivia).

Association Arts Nomades

Adresse de correspondance : 104, Route du Col du Feu, 74550 - Orcier, France - courriel :
Siret 505 061 184 00014 - APE : 9001Z- Licences 2-1023981 et 3-1023987